How to Choose the Right Radon Mitigation Company

Finding the Best Radon Mitigation Company in Nashville, TN

Radon is a radioactive gas present across the globe. It is undetectable by human sensory organs: it cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. However, many homes across the U.S. have been affected by radon contamination. Due to the fact that there are no noticeable symptoms of high radon levels, having your home tested is the only way to discover if there are harmful radon levels present. 


The best Radon Mitigation companies led by knowledgeable specialists are designed to properly protect your home while also offering to educate their clients on the potential harm, causes, and risk of high radon levels. Because it is a fairly common and serious concern, it is important to find a radon mitigation company well suited to meet your needs.

Many radon mitigation companies, like Radon1, provide a quick overview and installation process in order to ensure that your home is safe from an excessive radon presence.

Key Features of the Best Radon Mitigation Companies

Before deciding on which company you should choose, it is best to research which companies meet certain requirements and how they compare to other companies. Here are a few key features of the best mitigation companies:

Local and State-Licensed Radon Mitigation Company

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It is important that the company you have chosen understands and is knowledgeable with the consistency of radon levels within your area. It is also crucial that the company you have chosen is led by and employed with licensed specialists to ensure that your home’s active mitigation system is installed properly.

Free Home Survey, Testing, and Service Estimate

The company you choose should be willing to provide you with a free home survey and test in order to ensure that you are in need of their services. If there is a high radon presence, your contractor should be able to provide you with a free consultation and offer an estimate detailing the particulars of your needs and the cost of their installation services. Radon 1 lists all of their radon testing locations to make it easy to see if they serve your area.

Quick and Efficient Installation Process Guaranteed to Reduce Radon Levels

The best radon mitigation companies will be able to arrive on-site and install the mitigation system within 3-6 hours. This company should ensure their clients that the system being installed is guaranteed to reduce the radon levels within your home to below 4.0piC/L and this guarantee should be presented to you in writing. 

Testing After the System Installation

After the installation is completed, you will want to know whether or not the system is effective. Your company of choice should offer either a radon level tracking system that will keep you updated on the existing levels, or provide you with a tracking device they will monitor and provide you with the test results after 48 hours. 

Radon system

Radon1 is Tennessee’s premier Radon Mitigation company and offers all of the services above and more. With over 20 years of Radon removal experience, they guarantee clean, safe air. Click the link below to schedule a free consultation and mitigation installation estimate today.

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