Displays And Holders Launches Coronavirus Safety Supplies

According to announcements released on Displays and Holders’ blog, and Chris Aaron, the company has launched new acrylic products that will equip restaurants, offices, malls, and convenience stores to combat the spread of the disease. The newly introduced acrylic sneeze guards provide a layered barrier to prevent transmission of air and droplet-borne infections. The sneeze guards enforce physical distancing between employees and customers and yet facilitate the exchange of cash and other items. The sneeze guards, also known as shields, are available in different sizes – small, medium, and large.

Businesses also have the option of a 3-panel shield for more robust protection and a near-complete barrier that separates people in the work environment. This 3-sided shield ships flat for more accessible storage, and can be assembled in no time. Acrylic panels slide into a flexible hinge, and the shield is ready for use. These 3-sided shields can also feature an access slot if required. Buyers also have the choice of purchasing acrylic cleaning supplies along with the shield.

According to sources, Displays and Holders facilitate the proper storage of PPEs and safe dispensing to medical personnel. The acrylic glove box dispenser allows easy access to latex gloves. This container can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It shields the cardboard box carrying the gloves. This box is perfect for clinics, dental offices, and hospitals that experience rapid use and disposal of gloves. Hardware for this product is sold separately and can be ordered at the time of purchase. The acrylic face mask dispenser is a countertop container that can serve a vital purpose by facilitating quick and easy dispensing of this essential protective equipment. The manufacturer gives more details on https://www.displaysandholders.com/.

Chris Aaron of Displays and Holders said, “We are a quality manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry with supplying large and small customers in all sectors of our economy. Our philosophy has and continues to be based on meeting our customer’s display needs to the fullest by listening to the customers, creating and providing the right product at the right price thereby providing extraordinary value to our customers. As pricing is an important aspect of our product offering, we have priced our large selection of stock displays and holders very competitively to provide you with the greatest value. All of our fabricating, imprinting, and shipping services are performed in-house at our main plant in Anaheim, California. We understand you may be working within a certain budget. Give us a chance to earn your business by contacting us directly. Our customer service representatives work for you so that you can receive top-quality displays at the best price possible. Give us a try, and you won’t regret it.”

Contact and location information are available at Displays and Holders

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